Hidden Delights - Lingerie in the Arts p.112 by Jeannette Dekeukeleire & Harry Ruhé ArtKitchen gallery / Galerie A PRIJS € 19.50
The Adventures of Willem de Ridder Author: Dekeukeleire, Jeannette & Ruhe, Harry Title:           The Adventures of Willem de Ridder Publisher: CultClub, Amsterdam, 2017 Description: Softcover, 26 x 21 cm, 78 pages in English. Promoter of avant-garde music theatre. Agent for Fluxus Europe North. Founder of an art mail-order-house. Publisher of taboo breaking magazines. Producer pf controversial Radio Art programmes. Author and director of ground breaking television art. The man who stood at the cradle of Paradiso, Amsterdam's best known music venue. He enjoys international fame as a master storyteller and as an artist of ideas. And so much more! This book will take you on a voyage through the adventurous life of Willem de Ridder. ISBN: 9789081245883        Item No: 318 Price: € 24,95
Hidden delights: lingerie in the arts. Author: DEKEUKELEIRE, JEANNETTE; CAROLE VOS; FLEUR FLOHIL [ET AL.]. Publisher: Amsterdam, artKITCHEN, Amsterdam, 2009 Description: Hardcover, 112 pages, 21 x 16 cm. Note: ArtKitchen Gallery and Gallery A, both located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands ascertained that there is a lot more to art and lingerie than first meets the eye. Upon investigating, they realized that for both artists and spectators sexuality in all its guises often plays a major role in art. Aren't many driven by sexual fantasies and desires, even downright lust when making or contemplating a work of art? They found many examples throughout the ages where eroticism is the predominant factor and decided to give it a contemporary twist. Therefore, their original concept, lingerie designed by artists, was widened to erotize the project even more. The result is a special edition that contains the highly imaginative designs and interpretations of twenty five artists working in a variety of disciplines. 'Hidden Delights' also includes a historical essay with documentary images and additional information about the participating artists and their contributions. ISBN: 9789081245821 Price: € 14,90
Punk in Holland. Author: Jeannette Dekeukeleire & Harry Ruhe Title:        Punk in Holland. Publisher: de cultclub, Amsterdam, 2011 Description: Ringbinder, 48 plastic sheets containing publications, original photographs, buttons and a CD, cover with stencil work by Hugo Kaagman, 100 numbered copies. Text in English. ISBN: 9789081245807 Price: € 350,00
Eat Your Art Out             Food in the Art  2010 94 printed card S(A5) in a cardboard box by: Jeannette Dekeukeleire & Harry Ruhe Edition of artKitchen gallery / Galerie A / De Cult Club 19 EURO
Shame & Scandal, the Taboo in the Arts   175 EURO Object book with original photos, artists contributions by Tom Dean (vintage), Martin uit den Boogaard (signed) and others. by: Jeannette Dekeukeleire & Harry Ruhe English and Dutch version: 50 copies each, 2012 Edition of artKitchen gallery / Galerie A / De Cult Club
Punk Files, Hugo Kaagman  The best of his KoeCrandt art 1977 - 1983 Publicatie: PRIJS € 175 Artwork/Concept/Graphic design  Hugo Kaagman Edition of 50 copies,  signed and numbered, plus canvas painting ISBN/EAN  978-90-812458-6-9   Financial Support Mondriaan Fund , 2012Text Jeannette Dekeukeleire/Harry Ruhé/ Carli van de Kerkhof  Publisher DeCultClub/Hugo Kaagman      Photography Fotostudio Dennis Brandsma       Litography/Printing   Bernard Ruijgrok Piezografie
PUBLICATIONS Al sinds de oprichting van artKitchen in 1993 schrijft en publiceert  artKitchen Gallery          kunstuitgaven en kunstenaarsboeken in eigen beheer. De afgelopen jaren is dat in  samenwerking met Harry Ruhé van Galerie A. Deze samenwerking leverde onder andere de  boeken 'Hidden Delights - lingerie in the arts' (2009), ‘Fluxus in Holland’ (2010), 'Eat Your Art  Out' (2010) en 'Punk in Holland' (2011) en ‘Shame and Scandal’ (2012) op. In de zomer van